Rock Climbing in Rishikesh

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“It’s time for a new adventure”

  • Climb up the rocks to the impeccable spot to admire the panoramic valleys all around, a height of 70 ft.
  • Abseil down a cliff, challenging your fear of heights and absorbing the views of Shivaliks.
  • Along with getting a fearless moment of your life, one can develop lean, endurance muscles and strengthen core muscles. 

Rock Climbing In Rishikesh Overview:

Rishikesh is not only about yoga and meditation. It has some of the most challenging rock climbing peaks in India. Rishikesh is the perfect place to test your rock climbing skills. If you are a beginner, then you can learn rock climbing at any of the institutes here.

You can seize this fantastic package of two thrilling activities in Rishikesh, including rock climbing Rishikesh and rappelling, which provides both exercise and therapy; an opportunity to shut off my conscious mind’s hyperactive, always-on chatter. While rock climbing lets you fight gravity and reach up to a height of 70 feet, obtaining an incredible view all around, rappelling lets you conquer your fear of heights while descending a rock face, steadily with harnesses affixed around your waist. These activities provide an immense peace, a kernel of meditative calm among the fear and effort of the actual action.

About the activity:

  • Soon after reaching the adventure site, begin your exhilarating activities- Rock Climbing and Rappelling.
  • Guidance by the best instructors for the selection of both or either of the two activities to get started.
  • This enthralling and challenging activity of rock climbing tests and makes your endurance level strengthen up. As you climb up to a height of 70 feet and above, amidst the green valleys and mighty mountains you will feel at utmost calm.
  • Reaching the final summit, you will get a clear and vivacious view of the unlimited sky and flowering vegetation.
  • Rappelling is a rejuvenating experience as you slope from the height. The rush of adrenaline through your body will make you feel like the conqueror of the fears. Keep your adventurous soul alive and you will not be disappointed.
  • The thrill of an achievement will make you thrive for more. Hence, activities and adventures like these will make you focus on a healthier self.
  • The standard for the equipment used is high for much safer adventure that might just bring life-changing thoughts in, when away from the hustle-bustle of the city life.
  • Adequately sanitised gears are provided to out new enthusiastically live adventurer.


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