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“Enjoy the sacredness of Uttarakhand”


Highlights for the Kartik Swami temple:

The Kartik Swami Temple is the divine location for the worshippers of Lord Shiva and his son Lord Kartikeya. The infamous tales of Lord Ganesha and Lord Kartikeya make this temple attached to the legend. The strong history behind this place takes us to the Hindu Mythology tales.

It is said that once, Lord Shiva challenged his sons Lord Ganesh and Lord Kartik that whosoever will first complete 7 rounds of the universe will have the honor to be worshipped first in any ritual. Lord Kartikeya took off to circle the universe on his Vahana however, Lord Ganesh spiritually took 7 rounds around his parents, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Captivated with the intellect of Ganesha, Lord Shiva gave him the blessings of being worshipped at first of any holy event. Furious with the decision, Lord Kartikeya sacrificed his skin for his mother and bones for his father. This temple is considered as the witness of this incident and hence named after Kartik Swami or Kartik Murugan (called in South India).

Perched at the hilltop at an elevation of 3050 m, near Kanak Chauri Village the temple has the most extraordinary route. In so many years, the sacredness of this place is intact and definitely makes one feel close to the almighty. The trek route that is followed in the Kartik Swami Trek is extremely fulfilling and scenic.


Overview for the Kartik Swami Trek:

  • Distributing the glorious aura to the entire Garhwal region the trek for and around the temple of Kartik Swami makes one forget the bleakness of the city life.
  • The place is also known for the breath taking, mesmerizing sunsets and beautiful sunrise sights. The routine evening prayers, enchanting mantras and maha-bhandaras are the major eye-catching charms.
  • The 3 km trek offers the magnificent views of some top Himalayan Snow-clad peaks that one can enjoy with friends and family. Namely, Bandarpoonch, Kedarnath Dome, Meru and Sumeru Parvat, Chaukhamba Peak, Neelkanth, Dronagiri, Nanda Ghunti, Trishul and Nanda Devi group of peaks.
  • Activities like bird watching, camping and village tourism are thoroughly enjoyable during the duration of the trek. There are more than 150 species of birds including the Golden Eagle, the Steppe Eagle and the Black Eagle, the Bearded Vulture, the Himalayan Snowcock and the Himalayan Monal Pheasant are a few.
  • Every season of visiting Kartik Swami Trek, has surprises exclusively whilst camping in the realms of Mother Nature.


Pinpoints to recollect for the Trek:

  • Elevation- 3050 m
  • Location- Rudraprayag, Garhwal
  • Trek starts from- Kanakchauri Village
  • Best time to Visit- Each season has its own charm. March-April the cheering Rhododendrons will greet you. August- September is accompanied by luscious greenery and during November- January unobstructed views of the mighty snow-covered Mountains.
  • Trek distance- 3 km
  • Trek grade- easy
  • Recommended stay- 1-2 days
  • Railway station- Haridwar Railway Station, 205 km
  • Nearest airport- Jolly Grant Airport Dehradun, 222 km
  • Renowned for- Trekking, Temple, Sunset and Sunrise Views, Bird Watching, Himalayan Darshan


Staying and Trekking in Kartik Swami:

Vishnuprayag is a small location and has a few accommodations. Therefore, the most important task to find a variety of hotels near Vishnuprayag would be in Joshimath and Rudraprayag. There are abundant hotel options to choose a budget-friendly and a comfortable place for your stay. The price range varies and one can select accordingly. An easy drive to Kanakchauri/ Kartik Swami will facilitate the experience.

There is a newly built eco-lodge in Kanak Chauri village. It has bamboo huts with all the modern-day requirements. The place is in close proximity with the village which makes it easier to indulge with the folk and the culture of village life.

A couple of Ashrams are also situated near the temple, managed by the local priests, but one has to carry the basic necessities like grocery and edibles.


How to reach Kartik Swami Temple?

There is a 3 km trek from Kanak Chauri Village. The Kanak Chauri village is located on Rudraprayag-Pokhari Route for which taxi services are available from different parts of the state and Delhi. Roadways are most convenient way to reach Kanak Chauri from which one has to trek to Kanak Chauri Temple.

By air- Jolly Grant, Dehradun is the nearest airport around 192 km away from the place. One can book a taxi or take the public transport from the airport to reach Rudraprayag. A public transport Jeep is further available to cover the distance from Rudraprayag to Kanak Chauri and then trek 3 km to reach the temple.

By rail- One has to board a train to either Haridwar or Rishikesh Railway station which are the nearest railway stations at a distance of 140 km and 165 km respectively, to reach Rudraprayag. From the station, one can opt for a taxi or public transport to Rudraprayag or directly to Kanak Chauri.

By road- The roads are well-linked to reach the temple. Hence, opting any vehicle is an accomodable way to reach Kanak Chauri. Inter- state buses from ISBT Anand Vihar, Delhi to Rudraprayag, Rishikesh and Srinagar are also accessible.


Top places to visit when nearby Kartik Swami Temple:

  • Rudraprayag
  • Kedarnath Temple
  • Guptakshi
  • Gaurikund
  • Ukhimath
  • Chopta
  • Tungnath
  • Devariyatal


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